I absolutely love DHS! I graduated in 2009, today, I hold a Bachelors in Science, I am a registered nurse, working in a pediatric emergency room, at one of the top hospitals in the city. I have my dream job and I am as happy as one can ever even imagine of being. When looking back to my high school years, I owe my happiness and success to the amazing hard work that my teachers and all of the members of DHS did to help me be where I am today. When at DHS everyone was always striving to get the best out of everyone. They never gave up, and always loaned a hand. I remember having an amazing relationship with all of the superiors and always being able to come to for anything needed. I believe this high school is amazing and really shapes a person. My younger brother is currently a senior at DHS and I have to say nothing has changed. The teachers and staff members are amazing, have great communication and always want the best for their students. I love DHS, the teachers and staff members will always have a special place in my heart.

Karolyn Guzman