To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Lynn Gonzales. My daughter, Alicia graduated from Discovery High School in June 2010. The Parent Coordinator, Ms. Sanchez called me to ask if my daughter or I could attend a meeting to speak about our experience at Discovery High School. We would be more than happy to have done so but due to a prior engagement that could not be changed we could not. I would like to voice my opinion so I asked if I could send this letter.

Our journey at Discovery was a great one. I say “our” journey as an involved parent I became a part of the Discovery family. Our first year at Discovery there was a different principal, Mr. Goldner. Mr. Rivera had taken over as principal for my daughter’s sophomore year. Listening to Mr. Rivera talk about his goals for Discovery inspired me to become more involved in a school that I believed would work for our children. I became the Parent’s Association President for two years then the PA secretary. I was also part of the School Leadership Team for three years. There were also times I would come into the office to help out with their efforts to outreach to more parents. From experience I can tell you that whatever action plan they set out at the beginning of the year was in effect that same year. I know because I was there.

I was very impressed with the teachers and staff as well. They had a system going that I had never seen before. Teachers and staff would meet every week to help one another better their teaching skills. They spent evenings, lunch breaks even some weekends planning. Mr. Rivera, the principal did what he called a walk through when he would visit class to class to see his action plan in progress. Another important fact is that I knew my daughter was safe while at school. The security at Discovery was phenomenal. Everyone knew everyone on a first name basis. The children always had someone to confide in. I knew my daughter was in the right place.

I feel I must mention that my daughter was one of the students to graduate with an advanced regent’s diploma. Although it was her who took the tests and put in the hard work but the teachers and staff did their part to ensure she was well prepared.

In conclusion, there is no doubt in my mind that Discovery High School is one of the finest high schools in New York. They provide a safe place for our children to obtain a quality education while in an environment that feels like home. I truly can say that I miss being part of such a wonderful family.


Lynn Gonzales