My name is Milagros Marte and I am a single mother with 2 kids. My children attended Discovery Highschool. When my daughter first entered highschool I was very concerned at first. Contemplating whether I selected the right school for her, but from the very first month she was there I felt that I chose the right school. Discovery is a school where the staff and chilldren communicate as if they were family. From the main office to the teachers I was able to recieve support so that my daughter could get the best possible education. My daughter madison graduated with an advanced regents diploma and is now attending Susquehanna University with a presidential scholarship. Thank you Discovery for the support, communications, worries, and meetings so that she couldve recieved the best possible education. She graduated the class of 2013. Now my son who is currently attending Discovery. Will graduate this year in 2015 thanks to the support of Mrs.Sanchez especially. She made sure he was on top of what needed to be done and ensured he took the necessary steps to do so. Thank you as well to all of his teachers of whom cared and showed concern for his academics inside and outside of the classroom. Discovery is not a highschool but a second home. Thank you and god bless to all.

Milagros Marte