My experience at Discovery High School (2008 – 2012) …

Discovery High School is all about preparing each student for the world of tomorrow – setting goals to improve each student’s learning and academic achievement and focusing on the efforts towards end results. There were many goals the school achieved to attain such as student career goals, efficient communication between parent and instructor, individual student focus and engagement, and safety. This was all exemplified in the improving graduation rates. Discovery H.S. is on the move with no turning back whereas many students go on to college, trade school, military deployment and much other outstanding advancement.

I became a member of the Parent Teacher Association and school leadership team as an advocate for my child and others in the school’s community. It was an awesome experience partaking in these clubs. Reflecting back, I would recommend all parents to become involved in different ways outside the home and inside the school allowing their children to prosper academically and socially.

Verlean King